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4th qtr notes and tidbits:

  • After another fumble by Armond Smith, the Lions take a one-play drive to score from deep in Browns territory on a TD pass from Stanton. When you put the ball on the ground twice in short order, it makes that 81 yard TD dash seems a lifetime ago. Browns 28, Lions 27.
  • Jarrett Brown continues his unimpressive efforts of the preseason, leading the 3rd stringers to a quick three-and-out. Its no secret he’s a project, and very much looks the part so far.
  • The Lions run out future insurance salesman Zach Robinson at QB, their fourth of the night. With 12:20 to go in the game, I think if I can make it to the stadium in time, I might get a series in with the Lions.
  • The Lions take the lead on a 48 yard field goal with just under 10 to play. Lions 30, Browns 28.
  • Perhaps if the Browns exchange Jarrett Brown’s helmet radio with a Garmin, the Browns might find the end zone and pull out the win. Let’s see what hungry young guy steps up and makes a play.
  • Well, Quinn Porter tried to be that guy, but his long run of more than 20 yards came back on a holding call on FB Tyler Clutts. 2nd and 18 now.
  • The TV broadcast just posted a graphic that there have been 12 penalties by each team tonight. The overacheiving Lions have been docked 103 yards for their dozen, while the Browns a mere 88. But there’s still 9:04 left, so the Browns will have an opportunity to catch up.
  • Another holding call against Detroit is going to help put the penalty competiton out of reach.
  • Browns backups are taking horrible angles to the ball carrier, and are left with empty hands after broken arm tackles abound. As well, the defensive line is getting holes blasted in them. Backup RB Ian Johnson runs through and over Brown defenders. However his replacement Mike Bell looks much like the non-factor he was here in Cleveland last year.
  • Pat Shurmur looks disappointed with the play of his young backups. While this is garbage time in a meaningless game, as a coach you want to see guys not only give solid effort, but employ the tactics you have been coaching them on for weeks.
  • Undrafted FA DB James Dockery makes a nice play for a sack on the 4th down attempt by the Lions to turn the ball over on downs.
  • On a 2nd down scramble, Jarrett Brown fumbles the ball, but somehow 4 Lions right there failed to recover it. Ultimately the Browns are at 3rd and two. After a failed attempt at a dive play, the Browns punt.
  • I think Richmond McGee could seriously punt the ball over the wall behind the Dawg Pound. That’s only if it doesn’t get knocked down by the moon. The kid has a rocket at the end of his leg.
  • I like the fact that in scanning the Browns sideline, the overwhelmingly consistent look on everyones faces is disdain for losing. In the grand scheme of things, the final score of most preseason games matters little. To a young Browns team trying to change the culture of losing that has been here since the team’s return, every loss stings. Joe Haden looks like someone kicked his dog. I have little doubt that the coaches and, more importantly the veteran players on this team, will educate the young guys on how unacceptable losing is.
  • Lions take a knee and the win. Lions 30, Browns 28.

3rd qtr notes and tidbits:

  • Lions offense falls short of reaching mid-field and punt the ball away. Browns take over just short of their own 20.
  • Armond Smith takes the hand-off on the first play and races untouched 81 yards for a TD. Browns 28, Lions 13.
  • The Lions move the sticks once, but forced to punt to the Browns. On the second play of the Browns ensuing drive, Armond Smith fumbles away the ball after a short screen pass from Wallace. Lions’ ball.
  • Lions 3rd string QB gets the Lions back to the end zone, but look much more like the Lions of old, with two plays forward and one play back. Aided by an extremely questionably horsecollar penalty against Titus Brown, Stanton finds Stovall for an easy TD two plays later. Browns 28, Lions 20.
  • The Lions have retreated from their extremely aggressive defensive with the starters, and is pretty much just bringing their front four each play.
  • Wallace continues to struggle with accuracy on passes longer than 10 or 15 yards. He misses Dimitrius Williams streaking downfield along the right sideline. After a short completion to Jordan Cameron on 3rd and long, the Browns punt.
  • Lions go three-and-out and punt the ball back to the good guys.
  • Titus Brown continues to work towards earning a roster spot behind D’Qwell Jackson. Like Jackson, Brown is all over the field again tonight.
  • 3rd quarter ends with the Browns at 2nd and 5 at their own 25. Browns 28, Lions 20.

2nd qtr notes and tidbits:

  • The Browns run defense continues to be virtually impenetrable, and the Lions conservative play calling leads to a punt from their own endzone. Browns returner Jordan Norwood catches the ball on the run and returns it to the Lions’ 22 yard line.
  • On the first play of the drive, McCoy lobs a fade to Evan Moore that was called incomplete on the field, but Coach Shurmur is challenging. Looks in replay as if Moore might have gotten his toes in, but it’s sketchy. Helluva effort by Moore though, and a decent pass from McCoy. *After review, its changed to a touchdown! Evan Moore, if he can stay healthy, looks to be a serious weapon in the new Browns offense. He has vacuum hands and ballerina feet. Browns 14, Lions 10.
  • Matt Stafford’s night is done for the Lions. He has thrown some very passes in going 6 of 10 for 89 yards and a TD. Still, getting seriously hurt in his first two season shows as he is terrified of getting hit.
  • Former Brown Jerome Harrison finds some holes in the Browns defense and has a couple decent runs, but a sack by Ahtyba Rubin ends the Lions drive.
  • McCoy will lead the starts out for at lease one more drive tonight. The up and down night out there warrants it, though it’s fair to say that missing Steinbach, Hillis, and Ben Watson certainly makes a difference. Rookie FB Owen Marecic catches a little pass in the flat and runs over a Lion DB on his way to a 7 yard pickup.
  • Scary moment for Browns fans and McCoy takes a hard shot to his knees that ends without injury, but a 15 yard penalty against the Lions. McCoy is taking his lumps tonight for sure.
  • Brandon Jackson is no Peyton Hillis. He got a nice crackback block from Cribbs and still gets pulled down in the backfield in open field.
  • The Browns convert only their second 3rd down of the night on a pass from McCoy to Alex Smith.
  • RG Shaun Lauvao makes a bonehead move and piles on late after a nice run by Brandon (I’m no Peyton HIllis) Jackson, negating all the real estate Jackson just picked up. McCoy and Moore bail him out, though by a nice pitch-and-catch for a first down on the next play. Immediately following that, McCoy throws deep for Cribbs and draws an obvious PI flag, giving the Browns first-and-goal from the 6.
  • After an exchange of what feels like endless penalties, McCoy tosses a beauty of a pass to rookie Greg Little. Browns 21, Lions 10.
  • As it is with most pre-season games, there is a ton of yellow laundry on the field tonight. 15 penalties to this point, and the 3rd stringers haven’t even hit the field yet.
  • D’Qwell Jackson is all over the field tonight, and for the most part making plays in front of him and not behind him. Noticeable different than his efforts before in the 3-4.
  • Browns hold the Lions to a field goal after Shaun Hill throws two passes downfield no closer to a Lions receiver than I am. Browns 21, Lions 13.
  • McCoy is done for the night as the Seneca Wallace comes out to lead the Browns in the two-minute offense to end the half. He’s joined by more second teamers like Jordan Cameron and Quinn Porter. On the fourth play of the drive, Porter puts the ball on the ground but the Browns recover. After an incompletion under pressure, the Browns punt on 4th and 1. Not an effective 2-minute drill, but McGee again nails a high and deep punt, pinning the Lions inside their own 10 yard line. The Lions just run out the clock.
  • It was a lot tougher on the starters tonight, but 3 TD drives and no turnovers against a more than respectable Lions defense is acceptable. McCoy goes 10 of 18 for 96 yards and 3 TDs and no INTs. Even under duress tonight, he found ways to get the Browns downfield and in the end zone repeatedly. Browns 21, Lions 13.

1st qtr notes and tidbits:

  • Decent return on the second opening kickoff from rookie DB Buster Skrine after the Lions borked the initial attempt with an offsides. Skrine’s return to the 26 improved the Browns starting field position by 6 yards.
  • 3-and-out on first series for the Browns offense.
  • After a nice punt by Richmond McGee that rolled to Bay Village, the Browns defense gets a takeaway by stripping Lions RB Jahvid Best of the ball. Rookie DE Jabaal Sheard stripped and recovered the football.
  • Browns take over on the 34 and march into the endzone in six plays, capped by a 2 yard toss to Evan Moore. McCoy goes 3 for 3 hitting Greg Little, Josh Cribbs, and Moore. Brandon Jackson has a nice run on the second play of the drive. Browns 7, Lions 0
  • The Lions match the Browns TD drive with one of their own, finishing it off with a nice catch by Nate Burleson in the back of the end zone. The drive was extended by a defensive holding penalty on Patterson on 3rd down that was otherwise not converted. Browns 7, Lions 7
  • Jabaal Sheard is getting nice pressure on Matt Stafford, who appears terrified of contact and chucks the ball out of bounds each time he is flushed towards the sideline. (If you look closely, you can see his pantyliner bulging through his pants.)
  • Browns 3rd series starts with McCoy almost crushed by DE Avril who came in untouched between two Browns. 3-and-out after a good-for nothing running play, and McCoy’s 3rd down pass blows through Cribbs hands.
  • After another false start by Skrine on the first punt attempt, McGee shanks the second, giving the Lions possession in Browns territory to start their 3rd series of the game.
  • The Lions are in mid-season form with their blitzing, giving McCoy much less time to process reads than the Packers did. He’s had to check down a lot, and has had two drops already by TE Alex Smith and Cribbs, though Cribbs pass was slightly behind him.
  • The Browns run defense looks stout for the second week in a row. However their secondary is not making drive ending plays. Giving up a big pass to Nate Burleson on 3rd and long. However the defense tightens up in the red zone and forces a field goal. Lions 10, Browns 7.
  • Sheldon Brown is ‘tackling’ like someone trying not to get hurt. On a pass in the flat to a Lions RB, he goes low but makes no attempt to wrap up. Maybe he’s thinking about that surgically repaired shoulder from last season.
  • The Lions defense is active and pesky getting pressure on McCoy, but they are their own worst enemy, committing two defensive holding penalties (one by former Brown Eric Wright) giving the Browns unearned first downs.
  • McCoy looks much more human, though his offensive line is missing Eric Steinbach, missing on a pass to Greg Little, then floating a ball on 3rd and 7 that falls harmlessly to the turf.
  • McGee gets off the another solid punt that pins the Lions inside the 10. After a 4 yard Mike Bell run, the 1st quarter expires.
  • The Lions are blitzing a lot from the secondary, which is uber effective when you get the kind of pressure from your defensive line the way they do. Coach Shurmur needs to dial up some offensive changes to start getting better drives from his starting offense if they are to keep this close going into their 2nd and final quarter of the game. Lions 10, Browns 7.
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