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Kyrie_Irving_2Young teams are often exciting to watch despite their inexperience often getting the best of them. Flashes in the pan can disappear into fleeting flames, and short leads devolve into lopsided losses. The Cavs are all to familiar with that this season, as it has taken them 43 games to notch a mere 11 wins. As a point of reference, the Clippers just went 16-0 in the month of December. They has won more games between December 1st and Christmas Day than the Cavs have to date. (Another round, barkeep!) Yet tonight, the young Cavs beat a not only aging but struggling Celtic team 95-90 in front of a healthy and boisterous crowd at The Q this evening. To no one’s surprise, Kyrie Irving led his team to victory with 40 points, 15 of which he scored in the fourth quarter. He scored the final 11 of the game for the Cavs, giving them the lead for good with a little more than two and a half minutes to play. Once again, his smooth play, fluid fakes, and marksmen-like accuracy was the difference for his team. Complimenting his effort was another solid night from Tristan Thompson (21 pts, 9 rebs). Also contributing were Alonzo Gee with 10 points, and Dion Waiters, pressed into starting service due to C.J. Miles sitting out under the weather.

For weeks now, we’ve lamented on the show the fact that despite the pleasure we as fans take from watching Kyrie display his magical talents, it’s unfortunate that our point guard is our leading scorer night after night. Sure, you want your offense to go through your point guard, but your offense shouldn’t be  your point guard. But this Cavs team is a long way from having anyone that can consistently go out night after night and produce the kind of offense that will compliment Kyrie’s game, allow him to facilitate the offense while occasionally exhibiting his greatness – and win games in doing so. The hope is that Tristan Thompson will continue to ascend and improve his game, and that this year’s rookie tandem of Waiters and Tyler Zeller will develop into complimentary players that will be the core of a youthful team on the rise. To this point, injury and youthful mistakes have hampered the rate of progress that most Cavs fans want. Still, even amidst the long stretches of losses, they occasionally provide the fans with gifts such as this evening’s win over the hated Celtics. Tonight’s contest would not end with the boastful chest pounding of Kevin Garnett, or the arrogant prancing of Rajon Rondo. No, tonight Cavs fans were wowed with the silky smooth moves of young Kyrie, as once again he lifted the spirits of oft-sullen Clevelanders, giving one more glimpse of what may be to come. He needs more help. Today’s trade of Jon Leuer (Who? Exactly.) to Memphis for post man Marresse Spreights, guards Wayne Ellington and Josh Selby will not propel the Cavs into the 7th or 8th playoff spot this year. (The protected 1st round pick is nice, however.) What Kyrie needs is his team mates to stay healthy, to become consistent and consistently dependable, and find ways to score. And if along the way they can figure out how to play a little team defense, that would be splendid! But really, how much can a fan base hope for between now and Memorial Day? But for one night, we can shelve our petty wants and desires for the team’s evolution and simply enjoy the replays of young master Irving slashing through the Boston defense as if they weren’t even there. The thing is, by the time this Cavs team is playoff caliber, most of those Celtics won’t be.

Image by Erik Drost via Wikimedia Commons. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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