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Of all the sports, Baseball is the most driven by stats and/or numbers.  With the recent Baseball Hall of Fame selection or lack-thereof, I feel that the  numbers all ball players chase, ended up biting the recent players in their collective asses.

Not that some on the list will eventually get in, the fact shown was some got hammered because they ere grouped in with players who “numbers” were impacted; i.e. inflated due to PED, otherwise known as “Performance Enhancing Drugs”.  Yet to you, me, or the saxophone player on E. 9th outside of the Jake, the basic skills needed to EVEN make it to the “bigs” cannot be overlooked during this era.  Taking a cylindrical, rounded item, known as “lumber” or “bat” or “Wonderboy”  TN-Wonderboy-800

to hit a round object, thrown from 60’6″ at a speed that would get you a $150 fine anywhere in C’Town, sets them apart from us.  Yet, that was not enough for a segment of the players. Gotta get the edge! So, without any legal ramifications intended by me, Sosa; Bonds; McGuire; Palmero; Rodriguiez; Ramierez; Clemens; Pettit all were noted as having taken some form of PED to help with the quest to improve their “Numbers”. Was it wrong then? In the baseball world AT THAT TIME, nothing was established that said it was against the rules of baseball. Copout? Maybe but dems were da rules! Morally wrong? Absolutely.  So many other players will be lumped into the group “user” just because they maybe had actual “numbers” but those “numbers” HAD to have been BECAUSE of the PED! Hell, no player alone could have done what they did without help.  So for years to come; until something else taints the “numbers” players will be looked at as “Yes they did even though I cannot prove it” or “No, with those numbers they were not using!”  Foolish..bet your sweet bippy that is!


So here are some “numbers” to look and think about what goes with them.

#1-Number of career homers by one of Cleveland’s favorite ball players, Duane Kuiper

#2-Number of back-to-back “no hitters” tossed by Johnny Vader Meer (one record I do not see broken).

#3-Worn by many, but by the best also, George Herman “Babe” Ruth

#4-consecutive homers hit in one game, held by many but only one REALLY counts-Rocco “Rocky” Colavito

#5-Worn by Marilyn Monroe! No not really, but I could vision her wearing nothing but  just the New York Yankee pinstripe jersey of Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio

#6-MY all-time favorite, Rocky Colavito

#7-Number of players who hit a GRAND SLAM in their FIRST  Major League at bat, including Kevin Kouzmanoff for the Tribe (Side Note: Kouzmanoff came of the VERY FIRST PITCH THROWN TO HIM!!)

#8-Most stolen bases by one team in one inning! Also zero pick off attempts in the same inning! (okay I made that up, sounded good!)

#9-Nine Pitches, Nine Strikes, Side retired – happened 40 times in baseball


#10-The number used for every “Top Ten List”! I know that’s stupid, but who said I was going to be serious all the time!

And here is one to win some beverages in the local watering hole. #363 means what to a HOF NL Pitcher? Send you answer or guess to me @jnmentor on twitter and I’ll produce the winner on my next post!


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