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The Cleveland Browns are now midway through week 2 of their coaching search.  Two items the Haslam/Banner duo will be looking at is desire to be in Cleveland and adaptability to the roster. This past week Browns fans feel like they were dragged through the mud by ownership and Chip Kelly.


The Cleveland Browns, specifically Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner, are purposely not rushing into any decisions. Only two teams have hired a coach, the latest being Doug Marrone, of Syracuse, going to the Buffalo Bills. Who, honestly, if Haslam/Banner wanted him I’m sure they would have brought him in. Marrone interviewed twice but that doesn’t mean much other than they looked at him twice. The other was Andy Reid going to Kansas City. Andy was never in the line for Cleveland anyways.

Moving forward and closing the book on Chip Kelly, I really can’t blame him for going back to Oregon. He has unfinished business. Put yourself in his visor and shoes. You lose a national championship game to Auburn and Cam Newton. You have a very young college roster that is primed for another run for a national title. Why would anybody leave the opportunity to get that national title in a short time frame? The glamorous NFL, also known as Not For Long, will always be there when Chip decides to make the jump. I know if this was the case for myself, I would stay too. Bravo Chip, I personally hope you win a title one day.

The rest of the guys interviewed or will interview that have a legit chance of being the next head coach of Cleveland. We have to pick from: Ken Whisenhunt, Marc Trestman, Rob Chudzinski, Mike Zimmer, and Bruce Arians. Whisenhunt is just a retread with success based on Kurt Warner and not much else.(Whisenhunt had a second interview at the time of this post). Trestman is an intriguing candidate based on the fact he has loads of experience in both the NFL and CFL. The most likable quality of Trestman is his favorableness to Brandon Weeden.

Rob Chudzinski was OC for the Browns during their last winning season. He does have a creative mind and is likely ready to become a Head Coach. He is the most questionable one on this list, however, because he has had plenty of bumps along the road.

Mike Zimmer is the first defensive guy on the list. I know, “but, Nick, they interviewed Ray Horton!” Let’s be honest with each other. This was only to satisfy the Rooney Rule. Mike Zimmer is my personal favorite, because he seems to always get the most out of his defensive players — something Cleveland REALLY needs when it comes to maximizing the defensive talent. For example, guys like former Cleveland Brown, Chris Crocker and former Dallas Cowboys casualty, Terrence Newman, both look remarkably better under his coaching. He also understands getting depth on defensive line. Cincinnati’s defense utilizes at the least 3 to 4 defensive tackles and 3 to 4 defensive ends. Bringing that kind of defensive philosophy to Cleveland would make my personal dream come true if Zimmer is the guy. Bring Hue Jackson with Mike as OC! Jackson went 8-8 with a really bad Oakland Raider team. Yes, AFC West, is one of the worst divisions, but 8-8 is still better than anything we’ve seen here in Cleveland lately.

Bruce Arians won’t be interviewed until next week. Arians is a favorite amongst some Browns fans. According to a Cleveland media personality, Bruce once called Cleveland, “the hidden gem of the NFL.” I love this, ‘cause we want someone who wants to be here. My worry about Bruce is he’s 61; now and why is he just now getting head coaching interviews? He has a very nice offensive coordinator résumé, but that smells like a career assistant. A great foil to Arians is Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, being a great defensive coordinator but below average head coach when he was finally given a chance.

My ideal choice is the Zimmer/Jackson duo. Cleveland deserves a winner. As fans we all need to step back, take a deep breathe and have faith the front office will get it right. Winning cures everything. Let’s wake up the dormant beast that is Cleveland Browns football!

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