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In the spring, it was THE Ohio State University that rocked the college sports scene with Tat-5 scandal that cost Jim Tressel his job (and probably much more) and has OSU still in punishment limbo with the NCAA. Now its the university that is simply known as The U that has seemingly one-upped Ohio State when it comes to big-time college scandals. First reported today by Yahoo!Sports’ Charles Robinson, a convicted felon and former University of Miami (FL) booster Nevin Shapiro spoiled numerous high-profile Hurricane football and basketball players and recruits with lavish gifts, parties, cash, prostitutes, and (if you can believe it) more. (It should be noted that Charles Robinson also reported on the breaking article concerning the OSU scandal with fellow scribe Dan Wetzel. We’ll talk about that in another blog.) Shapiro, known in U of M player circles as Li’l Luke, named some of Miami and the NFL’s more recognizable players including Vince Wilfork, Devin Hester, Jon Beason, and was seen in photographs in the article with the likes of U of M head basketball coach Frank Haith, Hester, and Kellen Winslow II (surprise! Imma f*$#in’ soldier!) Reportedly, Shapiro has been financing the luxurious wants and needs of 72 Hurricane athletes for from 2002 to 2010. That’s eight years, folks. Eight freaking years! If all that has been alleged and reported is true, this is beyond SMU-like, its SMU eclipsing. In those eight years, Shaprio claims to have paid for lavish parties, trips on his yacht, hotel liaisons with prostitutes, TVs, rims, and engagement ring, oodles of cash handed out,  and even an abortion for a stripper supposedly impregnated by a U of M football player. Seriously?!

As each of these stories appear and more and more programs find themselves across the table from NCAA investigators, the most frequent comment in all of this is that the NCAA system is broken. While this is true, what, if any sort of compensation could the NCAA conceivably provide that would have deterred kids from partaking in the kinds of things Shapiro solicited routinely for the better part of a decade? I will be one of many to say that the NCAA has to really take a look at itself as closely as it does each of these exposed programs. But you’d be hard pressed to find anything that would provide enough balance to effectively combat what has (allegedly) taken place in south Florida.

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