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Well Steve, you twisted the arm and it worked! The kink in my right shoulder left and both arms/hands are free to write this post for North Coast Sports Blog!  Going to be more Tribe/baseball oriented, but ANYTHING Cleveland sports will be fair game! (first and not the last pun!!)  Since I’ve been a C’Town sports fan for over 5 decades (all that means, is YES, I am old!) I think I have some foundation on “The Good/The Bad/The Ugly” of Cleveland teams.

Some readers of the NCSB (I do use acronyms a lot) know that I am a passionate Tribe fan. But recently, okay three months ago, I shredded by season ticket renewal form from the Tribe for 2013. (I think I have the YouTube vid of it for those who have not seen my FIRST video production! Yep here it is: http://youtu.be/hHR3UzXweks ).  Back to the facts.

After 24 yrs I was fed up with the Tribe; specifically the Front Office! I knew that the teams of the ’90 were the result of a Perfect Storm.  Browns were gone; a state of the art stadium (to me it is STILL “The Jake”. See my auto insurance has never been w/Progressive so I can tweak them when I want!); and an owner who was willing to spend the money needed.  The result-tremendous winnings on the field, albeit limited-No World Series Rings; sell-outs before the SEASON even begins; 455 consecutive sold out games; a team to talk about in the circles of MLB! EVERYTHING and ANYTHING a Clevelander could be proud of.  But, just like Joel Skinner’s “Hands up! Stop at 3rd Kenny”, things for the Tribe came to a screeching halt!

New ownership came on board with no “perfect” elements for them. The economics of the game was changing and ownership was running late and behind. Trades made produced nothing in return.  History was made the wrong way!  (See CC and Cliff). What limited money made available was spent poorly on non-producing FA’s and extension agreements to players who used that term “player” loosely.  So, things just continued down, while all other teams in the division participated in the playoffs and some, even won the World Series! (please don’t include KC, but then DID will a WS since the Tribe’s last one in 1948!) Anyway, being a Tribe fan was more a case of endurance than anything else. And I was tired!

So, I decided to NOT re-new after 24 yrs. That was in October 2012. And here it is January 2013 and damn…I think I may have jumped the gun too soon! Dugout management was removed and boy what a replacement!! Terry Francona, a WINNER w/not one, but TWO World Series rings! OMG success in the dugout? This is Cleveland? Then some very very shrewd trades bring key players in return! Now the “coup-DE-ta” A FRICKIN FREE AGENT SIGNING!! Nick Swisher!  If you didn’t see or hear the press conference, very nice to see someone WANT to play for the Tribe!  Yeah, TF had major influence on the signing, but isn’t that was what we ALL hoped he would bring?  And bring it did he!!

So, as I sit hear thinking who Chip Kelly will interview with next, I actually feel good about MY Tribe now.  I will be calling my Season Tix rep and see,  just see, if I can throw some of my good money their way again!!

Stay tuned..I’ll keep you posted! Now back to this guy Chocolate Chip Cookie Kelly? Who does he think he is, stiffing JH3?

John aka @jnmentor aka #AHTPDon aka #NCSpeakEZCoach

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