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In missing blogging over Cleveland sports this summer, I have essentially missed the entire Indians’ season. At this juncture, it can be said that I didn’t miss much. However that would be wrong. This is a team that in late July was one weekend series sweep from owning 1st place in the AL Central. They had just beaten Indian killer Justin Verlander and were positioned to make a run into late summer with hopes of playing for the Fall Classic. Alas, that was the last bastion of decent baseball Indians fans would see from their team. Inept offense, inconsistent pitching, a complete lack of support from the front office, all sung to the whiny tune spewed by crybaby closer Chris Perez have set into motion a collapse of apocalyptic  proportions unlike any seen even in the 1970’s down on the lakefront. The Tribe, losers of 8 of their last 10, and with losing streaks of 11, 9, and 6 among their last 35 games – while only winning 6 among those same 35 – find themselves 18 games under .500 and headed to supplant Minnesota as the worst team in the AL Central and the American League. The firing of manager Manny Acta at season’s end seems a virtual certainty, though given the nature of the Indians’ front office to do anything along the lines of logic, that is not 100% certain. What is certain is that as long as the Dolans own the Indians, Cleveland fans will continue to be presented with a incredibly substandard product. The screams of fans far and wide for Larry Dolan to sell the team have to be deafening, as the pleading of those same fans for the team to do something – anything – at the trade deadline appear to have fallen on, well, deaf ears. Baseball on a budget is not working here at all, and while the Indians will happily dust off and roll out anomalies about championships won on sub $100 million payrolls, they are as insulting to the fans as they are uncommon in the game. No one is asking the Dolans to go full Steinbrenner, just write a few checks that bring guys to town to compliment the young, developing talent they have. Not break the backs of these youngsters by placing the immense weight of winning in a league of unbalanced talent across its members.

Reality is, any further commentary from my desk is simply a rehash of the diatribe of suffering Indians fans since the team’s collapse against the Red Sox in ’07. Since then we have traded away Cy Young award winners in consecutive seasons (the only team to ever do that), and ask fans fans to exercise patience while the team exercises complacency and futility. I have spoke with many – many – hardcore Indians fans over the last few weeks and some of even the most die-hard supporters have given up not only on this season, but on hopes of the ship ever getting turned around under the Dolan “leadership”. I don’t mean to sound like another voice calling for an ownership change, but when you look at the facts and factors, clearly the Indians will never be a competitive major league franchise by any efforts of the Indians front office. The only person my heart breaks for outside of the plethora of long suffering Tribe fans is PR guru Bobby DiBiasio. That poor man has to get out in front of relentless media and rabid fans and spin like a White House Press Secretary the undoing of this once proud franchise as if it’s not happening the way we see it – game by game, week by week for months at time.

Now that football season is here, the sparse crows at Progressive Field will dwindle even further. Perhaps the only newsworthy tidbits to emanate from the corner of Carnegie and Ontario will be another rant from the childish mouth of Chris Perez.  Then again, like rest of spin coming from that franchise, it will just be the same old story we’ve all heard before.

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